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Veterans Training Service Dogs

Warrior Canine Connection is non-profit organization that works with veterans to train service dogs. The veterans are individuals dealing with PTSD and mild traumatic brain injuries, and the service dogs will go on to serve wounded veterans.

Warrior Canine Connection - Puppies on Bench
Warrior Canine Connection

The organization recently received a grant from the Department of Defense to study why working with dogs is beneficial for individuals with PTSD and TBI. The organization is hoping to standardize the treatment of invisible wounds without medication. Stars and Stripes recently did a great story about the Warrior Canine Connection program and the study. You can read it by clicking here.

This is a 6-minute video Stars and Stripes made about the program.

If you just want to look at some adorable pictures of puppies playing, click here and then click on the photo gallery. Here are a few of the pics.