The Role of Trauma in Addiction

Meet Emily, a 30-year old woman struggling with addiction. As a young girl, Emily often witnessed her parents arguing. The arguments involved a lot of shouting and pushing. If her parents had been drinking, then the arguments were especially violent: Emily witnessed her father beat her mother on multiple occasions. Emily was afraid of her […]

The Journey to Recovery

The struggle for recovery is real for Vinland clients every day. But before you can understand recovery, you must first learn about the addiction process. Vinland Clinical Director Rick Krueger speaks to the addiction process and finding treatment to reach recovery. “The addiction process starts with learning a client’s mood swing,” Krueger said. “The mood swing […]

A Journal for Recovery: Writing For Mental Health

Some write about feelings. Some write about what they ate. Some write about the day’s goals. Whatever the subject matter, identifying feelings and emotions is the key to keeping personal journals. “Everyone has a story to tell,” said Vinland Mental Health Therapist Peggy Martin. “Journaling is a good way to share how that story unfolds.” […]

Meditation Walking: A Path to Recovery

Feel the warmth of sun on your skin. Hear your footsteps along the path. See trees’ leaves flutter in the wind. These are some of the sights and sounds for the walking meditation group at Vinland. “We want to empower people to be in the moment,” said Vinland Program Services Manager Tom Beckers. “Clients are […]

Music for the Spirit: Finding a Rhythm for Recovery

Take a drum, take a seat, and feel the beat. Vinland Chemical Health Case Manager Mark Collins starts the beat on a bongo drum. Then Vinland clients in the group “Music for the Spirit” join in and the real noise — and healing — begins. “I think it’s primal,” Collins said of drumming. “Since the beginning of […]

Drug Courts in Minnesota

The first Drug Court in Minnesota was in Hennepin County in 1996. Since then, the program has expanded to over 40 specialty courts in more than 30 counties across the state. The goals of Drug Courts are for offenders to complete the prescribed treatment program and to abstain from repeating the behavior in the future. […]

Celebrating 25 Years of Chemical Health Program

First-of-Its-Kind Chemical Health Program Addresses the Needs of Individuals with Brain Injuries When Vinland began offering chemical health services for adults with brain injuries in 1990, no other organization was providing a similar type of specialized service. Thanks to advancements in medical technology during the 1980s, survival rates for traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients had […]

Brain Injury & Addiction

A brain injury can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone. Brain injuries do not discriminate. An injury that happens in an instant can cause a lifetime of physical, cognitive and behavior challenges. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that at least 5.3 million Americans currently have a long-term need for help to perform […]