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Vinland Celebrates 25 years of Its Chemical Health Program


Vinland staff welcomed guests at an open house Oct. 7 to celebrate 25 years of its chemical health program.

Vinland began offering chemical health services for adults with brain injuries in 1990. Now, 25 years later, the program continues its innovative program to help clients with varying cognitive impairments.


The open house Oct. 7 included individuals and groups interested in learning more about Vinland, its chemical health program and many complementary services. People who were also instrumental in making Vinland’s work possible were recognized during a short program at the open house.


Staff took visitors on a tour of the facility, including the residential areas and for a pontoon ride to see the beautiful landscape that surrounds it.

The open house ended with a presentation on “Mindfulness Meditation”  by Vinland Program Services Manager Tom Beckers.