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March is National Brain Injury AND Problem Gambling Awareness Month!

It’s like it was tailor-made, just for us! At Vinland’s substance use disorder/addiction treatment centers (both residential and outpatient) we specifically treat those with brain injuries and other, cognitive deficits. What we’ve learned in our 30 year in the business, is that every brain injury is unique. For some, the brain injury may affect short term memory or the ability to read & write like before the injury. For others it can cause significant behavioral changes, seizures, and be the cause of other physical difficulties. Adding alcohol and street drugs to the mix simply makes things worse. At Vinland, we have experience in being able to ‘un-twist’ these issues and help you tackle both at the same time. We often say that the education we offer clients on their brain injury is almost as important as the education we provide on addiction.

Because March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month, our friends at the MN Brain Injury Alliance are offering a series of virtual sessions via Zoom to celebrate #BrainInjuryAwarenessMonth#CelebratingResiliency during this month. Sessions are designed for everyone, be it a person with a brain injury, a family member, and professionals in the brain injury field. Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) are available from the Minnesota Board of Social Workers and the Minnesota Department of Health. Sessions will take place March 11 through March 30, from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. Each session will be $25, or $125 for all six. Check out more details and to register today!

March is National Problem Gambling Month

Did you Know…

– 75% of all problem gamblers have an alcohol disorder- 10-15% of those with substance use disorder (SUD) have a co-occurring problem gambling disorder.

– Problem Gamblers end their lives at a higher rate than those with other addictions & mental health disorders.

-40% of those in treatment for problem gambling reported attempting suicide.

Vinland Outpatient Services offers problem gambling treatment to all adults, regardless of cognitive abilities. Offering one-one-one counseling via telehealth (via phone and/or computer) we can help no matter where you reside within the state of MN – from the comfort of your own home!

Because the state of MN is such a cool place to be, the state has provided funding for those in need, to receive help, often with no charge. Don’t wait to get well – you don’t have to live like this. Call now! 763.479.4881