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Words of Appreciation

Valentine’s Day is a day to focus on relationships. As social creatures, we thrive from connections. People with strong social connections tend to be happier and live longer than those without. Our well-being depends on our connections with others.

This Valentine’s Day, the day of love, take the time to reach out to people who have made a positive impact on your life to simply say “thank you.” This can include family members, friends, teachers, counselors, etc. These simple words are more significant than you may think. By saying “thank you,” you’re acknowledging their helpful role in your journey towards a clean life.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and recognized. Saying “thank you” has as much of a positive effect on the one saying it as it has on the one receiving the thanks. Showing appreciation for those who have showed you compassion, care, and hope in hard times can be an instant mood-booster, and a remedy to beat depression and feelings of regret.

Throughout your life, these connections will continue to be essential. Recovery is a process that does not end, and you will face many challenges. Having loved ones close to you during this time is important. Keep the important connections in your life strong by showing people how much your appreciate them.