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Outpatient Office Expansion

Vinland’s outpatient chemical health program, located in Minneapolis, recently increased its size by expanding into office space adjacent to its existing office. The expanded space includes a new group room, additional offices, and a new client lounge.

“By adding another group room, we are able to expand specialized programming to include anger management, stress management, music therapy, art therapy, yoga, aroma therapy, mindfulness, and trauma,” said Outpatient Services Manager Annette Pearson. “Administrative staff, interns, counselors, and mental health therapists can use the additional office space for individual, family, and professional meetings.”

“In addition,” Pearson continued, “we were able to make the space more functional for participants to spend their day at Vinland. We added a client lounge area for time between groups for eating, socializing, and playing games. We installed computer stations designed to increase comprehension skills.”