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We just received a few of these comments from recent graduates of our programs, so we thought we’d share:

Carla Hello, I just came home after completing 45 days of treatment for bad Alcoholism and I can now say, I am free and new of any thoughts about using or anything negative. Counselors and case managers are amazing! I will be attending Outpatient here in my town so I have a sponsor and other support.

Hello All;
It’s your old client JH. Hope all is well up there!

Today I am celebrating two years of sobriety! Feeling great and things are moving right along. Albeit not flying airplanes, I’m back working at the company I worked at when I was flying. I’m in charge of a corporate hanger and light maintenance on two jets. I do plan on flying again once my sons finish high school after the next school year, so I’m in a perfect position to move into a flying position when it comes about.

I have two, solid AA meetings I attend each week, and I facilitate an aftercare group every Weds., at Nystrom & Assoc. as a volunteer.  I have been using my skills I learned while at Vinland to move through life day to day, and I’ll tell you what; it’s working great!  I think about the time I spent up there often, and how the entire staff was always right there to help out – it really made me feel as if someone believed in me and saw the person I could truly be.  Thanks to all of you for helping me get to where I am now! 

Take care!  JH.

Hey Vinland Folks, just thought I would let you  know I am still living sober and rocking recovery:)

I stay grateful and choose life. I’m realizing how freeing it is to have the power to choose again. I didn’t have that when I was using and constantly spiraling in chaos.

I think about your wise words at my graduation often… ” J., you are only a few anger management skills away from being successful…” Not even joking when I say those words have saved me more than once…most recently in a little altercation with a Walgreens truck driver…I chose to RESPOND by air catching his middle finger, pretending to put it in my pocket, rather than REACTING by getting out of my car, screaming profanities and trying to fight him…Progress, not perfection;)

Seriously though, I am doing well and moving forward. Been working my butt off these past few weeks between the grocery store and cutting spruce tops up by International Falls, making extra money to move into our own place on the first. We got a 3 bdrm apartment and this was the last big requirement CPS had for me to get my kids back. So my babies will be home very soon!! I’ve had unsupervised visits for a little over a month now and it has been so awesome. My relationship with my kids is strong and beautiful. I can tell they trust me again in so many ways and all they want is their mommy back. And I’m here ❤


Well T., for the first time since I began drinking alcoholically I have made it over a year. I must confess that save for one or two moments, for me it was just another day. I volunteered at the St. Paul AA Office, went to my home group, then went to Ramsey County Detox to take a meeting there. And then I went home.

Though I didn’t really want one, my sponsor will give my coin today or tomorrow. Sponsors can be so annoying at times, but I let him run the show. This and a one-day-at-a-time attitude have really helped me.

Everything is not roses. In fact, at times it’s downright skunk cabbage. But for some reason drinking has never been an option. What has worked so far will continue to be practiced. Although it hasn’t gotten any simpler, progress continues to be made. I still continue to watch people come and go. Some have gone so far that they will never make it back, if you know what I mean. For all, I certainly have compassion, but at times, for some, I tend to feel less due to the opportunities afforded them and their actions in face of these. Some are even very, very enabled by their families and friends.

I do, however, find balance in the consideration that for quite some time I was one of these. Perhaps I should say that I still am. This being said, I find myself ever more willing to help those still suffering in whatever way I can. Though it has only been a brief 14 months (and never will be enough) my sponsor is suggesting that I begin to sponsor others. I somehow feel that I would tend to be something of a…task-master, but he and others feel that I would make a good sponsor. I do know that I still can’t afford to take anyone out for coffee.

I continue to proudly wear the remnants of my Vinland t-shirt. At times people recognize it, like at the YMCA or at the train station, and we share a few words about how Vinland helped us or someone in their family. I never want to be without that shirt, Tim. I was hoping you would help me to obtain another extra-large Vinland t-shirt and one of Vinland’s 2018 pocket calendars. I still use both, but both are rather worn and about to expire. I can send any cost plus shipping at any time.

I have an enormous debt of gratitude to all at Vinland National Center. The only way I can pay it forward is to continue to work my program and be of service to others. Tell your clients that it really works.

Your sober friend,



My last Christmas was spent sober at Vinland, and I still have the gloves and socks I received: the first sober gift I had received in a long, long time. Once again and always I thank all those at Vinland for their effort in helping this beat-up old soldier realize that he might just be worth the “trouble” of saving. I hope and pray that your efforts continue to bear abundant fruit.  J.P.