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Your Brain in Love

Valentine’s Day is considered the day to celebrate love. But what is love and how does love change when you have traumatic brain injury or TBI?

According to, there are many different ways the brain can change after a TBI. One of the areas includes behavior and, in turn, how we deal with relationships.

If there is a science to falling in love, imagine how much the brain can physically change and, therefore, adversely affect how someone with a TBI handles emotions like love, trust, compassion, passion, and more.

Depending on the injury itself,  a person’s physical and behavioral changes, ability to adapt and heal, and their support system, there can be numerous challenges to falling in love and even staying in love.

Below is an infographic about the science of falling in love and what actually happens to the brain. Imagine if that brain is injured in any of those areas and you can see how different love can be for people with TBIs, people like clients that come to Vinland.