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Vinland’s Residential Facility is a CLOSED Campus – No Visitors Allowed



September 13, 2021


Dear Friends & Family of Vinland National Center,


Over this past year Vinland had only one positive case of COVID-19 within our clientele.  That was it!  We are so fortunate to be able to say this & are so grateful.  However, in order to ensure this continues for our clients’ health, safety, and continued care, we have returned to a NO VISITOR policy, and will be requiring all staff and clients to wear a mask.

Vinland’s Outpatient Services location in NE Minneapolis has begun a ‘Hybrid’ program – offering the option of having their experience be in person face to face with their peer group and counselor, or have their programming delivered virtually. If travel distance is a concern, the opportunity to continue with both substance use disorder and problem gambling treatment option continues to be offered virtually as well as assessments. We continue to follow all COVID protocols at our outpatient location and require masks to be worn when not in a group setting.

Prospective new clients will continue to be required to complete additional medical history screening to include travel history, potential exposure to others infected with the virus, have they experienced a fever and/or other flu-like symptoms.


  • At our residential location, incoming clients will be given a Rapid COVID-19 test, and meet with nursing staff to determine their temperature and general physical well-being. Febrile clients will not be admitted.
  • We are acting upon the recommendations related to COVID-19 from the MN Department of Health, MN Department of Human Services, Centers for Disease Control, our Medical Director and Nurse Practitioner. We will provide information and education to staff and clients on an ongoing basis as needed. Vinland employees share responsibility for infection prevention and controls within the building. No employee will be exempt from this responsibility.
  • All staff is required to ensure that they are following correct handwashing procedures.
  • Staff will train and remind clients on a daily basis the importance of proper handwashing procedure. Signs have been posted throughout the buildings with instructions.
  • Vinland National Center is committed to protecting the physical and medical health and safety of all staff and clients.
  • Hand sanitizer containers continue to be available throughout the building.

POLICY: This policy is in addition to Vinland Center’s Infection Control policy.

  • Staff will remind clients to avoid touching their face, cover their cough or sneeze with a tissue or into their upper sleeve. They should dispose of their own tissues immediately after use in a garbage receptacle.
  • Clients will be encouraged to not share personal items with other persons and to put dirty linen in appropriate laundry facility before leaving room.
  • All staff will continue to assist housekeeping with sanitizing the units and community spaces throughout the building.
  • Clients experiencing non COVID-19 symptoms (flu, colds, coughs) will be asked to wear a mask and stay in their room. Staff is also advised to wear a mask when working with sick clients.
  • Physical distancing remains in our group settings to include arranging room to ensure clients are six feet apart as much as possible.
  • Housekeeping will continue to disinfect, sanitize surfaces daily as well as door handles, restroom faucets, toilet handles hallway railing and elevators.
  • Lunch and dinner times will continue to be staggered so only half the clients will be in the dining room at one time.

The safety of our clients, their families, and our employees is our top priority, and we will remain resolute in our efforts to reduce any risk associated with COVID-19. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 763.479.3555 or online at via our Contact Us page.


Be well,


The Staff of Vinland National Center