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Chemical Health and Supportive Housing

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you have struggled to keep up with group material or assignments at other treatment programs, Vinland Center could be a better program for you. Our program is designed for individuals with memory issues, learning disabilities, and/or other cognitive impairments.

Vinland provides drug and alcohol treatment for adults with cognitive impairments. Our staff members strive to make all possible accommodations for cognitive deficits and adaptations for individual learning styles.

Vinland is a fully-accredited substance abuse treatment center licensed by the State of Minnesota. We use evidenced-based approaches to addiction treatment. Our staff are highly-trained and licensed professionals.

Long-Term Supportive Housing

Through a partnership with LivingWorks Ventures, Vinland offers permanent sober housing for men and women with disabilities in recovery from substance abuse. Lodge living is ideal for people who need minimal amounts of support to remain independent.


3675 Ihduhapi Road
Loretto, Minnesota 55357
Phone: (763) 479-3555

3675 Ihduhapi Road
Loretto, Minnesota 55357
Phone: (763) 479-3555

675 Stinson Boulevard
Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: (763) 479-3555

PO Box 308
Loretto, Minnesota 55357
Phone: (763) 479-3555

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  1. Shannon Lawler January 22, 2019 Reply

    My son has repercussions (thought and cognitive and memory) from a tbi sustained in 2013. He has since struggled greatly with addiction. Your program seems perfect. We have a PPO blue Cross/ blue shield.

    • Molly Gilbert January 22, 2019 Reply

      Hi Shannon,

      I am going to send you our brochure information along with some article on TBI’s that you may find helpful. I’ll need to send it separately from this email, however, as I am responding via our website.

      In the meantime, call our admissions/Intake team at 763.479.3555 between 8-4 Mon – Fri! That will help you get the process started!

  2. Julie January 29, 2019 Reply

    Hello, I have a cousin who lives with me who struggles greatly with severe depression and suicidal thoughts. she had a lot of physical and emotional abuse by ex boyfriend who beat her to extent of possible memory issues. She does not have addiction to drugs that I am aware of but I thought maybe your program would possibly help her. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

    • Molly Gilbert January 29, 2019 Reply

      Hi Julie – thanks for reaching out to Vinland! We do not work with those who do not require substance use disorder treatment, so if she is not struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, this would not be the place for her. However, there are wonderful people within the community that we send our graduated alumni to continue to see for similar issues, after having started addressing such issues of abuse/trauma/PTSD while here. I would suggest reaching out to Nystrom and Associates – or 651.628.9566. There are many locations and specialties offered. If they are not a fit, I am sure they could refer you to other resources. I hope this helps!

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