Seeking Addiction Treatment

Is Treatment Right For You?

If you have tried to stop using drugs and alcohol but have been unsuccessful, then treatment is the right option for you.

Many people need treatment to stop the cycle of addiction. Even when people are faced with severe negative consequences (loss of job, family, freedom, even life), many people are not able to stop using on their own.

Addiction is a progressive chronic disease. This means it will continue to get worse unless it is addressed. There is no cure for addiction, although it can be managed. If left untreated, addiction can be fatal.

Why Can’t I Just Stop?

Addiction is a physical and mental disease. Research has shown that people struggling with addiction have had their brains rewired by their drug and alcohol abuse. It is not a matter of personal strength or moral character.

For many people who are actively abusing drugs and alcohol, detox is a necessary step before entering treatment. Quitting cold turkey can be dangerous, as it can lead to seizures or strokes.

What to Expect

During treatment, you will work with highly-trained and licensed professionals to understand why you abuse drugs and alcohol, how to stop using, and how to enjoy life in recovery from addiction.

Residential treatment is a mixture of group counseling, one-on-one counseling, personal time for reflection and individual exercises, and recreation.

The length of your treatment program depends on a variety of factors. Speak with someone in admissions about the average length for a program.

Treatment at Vinland Center

Vinland National Center provides drug and alcohol treatment for adults with cognitive impairments. In addition, we offer Outpatient Problem Gambling Treatment for all adults, regardless of any cognitive issues. Our substance use disorder treatment programs are conducted at a slower-pace and feature frequent repetition of material. It is designed for individuals with memory issues, learning disabilities, and/or other cognitive impairments.

Our substance use disorder program was developed to provide drug and alcohol treatment to individuals with brain injuries. Our approach has proven to be beneficial for individuals with a wide variety of cognitive disabilities. You do not have to have a brain injury to be admitted into our program.

We do not provide TBI rehabilitation, as we do not offer physical, occupational, or speech therapy.