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Vinland’s Therapeutic Vinland’s Therapeutic Exercise Program Highlighted in Local Press

We are proud to share that Jeff Willert, Fitness and Wellness Manager for our therapeutic exercise program at our residential location, was interviewed for The Phoenix Spirit newspaper! It will appear in print for the December/January ‘Holiday’ issue, and you can see it here, as well:

Jeff Willert and Tom Everett, our two Fitness and Wellness coaches, came to Vinland National Center from the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology after working there for over 40 years (combined). They knew through their work there the importance of physical exercise in helping those with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) heal faster, so created this program just for Vinland’s residential clients. Then we were lucky enough to have them stay with us!

This is one of the most popular complementary care programs offered at Vinland, as it provides each participant with a personalized fitness plan designed under the supervision of our exercise physiologist staff. Clients who participate in this program report on average a 33% reduction in chronic pain levels after completing this program! This ultimately leads to a healthier lifestyle as part of their recovery, which can oftentimes lead to less likelihood of relapse.