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Familiar Face Returns to Vinland in New Role

If Don Raasch looks familiar, it’s because he’s not new to Vinland National Center.

Don first came to Vinland as a chemical health intern in early 2015. But he has since returned as a new Chemical Health Case Manager.

From January to May 2015 Don was an intern at Vinland’s residential chemical health program. Don hopes to complete his thesis on co-occurring disorders and earn his degree from Adler Graduate School of Psychology. Once he graduates he will become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC).

Don learned about Vinland when he met Vinland Program Services Manager Tom Beckers at an internship fair.

“It seemed like the place to be, and it was different than the rest,” Don said in his intern interview.

As a Chemical Health Case Manager, Don said he is responsible for client group sessions and providing content for these sessions. He is also responsible for insuring clients have the right treatment plans to create hope and wellness for the next steps in their lives.

Don’s background before coming to Vinland was not in social work or mental health work. He took an early retirement after working 22 years at Best Buy and spent six years after that being a “house dad,” taking care of his three children at home while going to graduate school.

But Don is glad to be back at Vinland and working with familiar faces.

“I love the culture Vinland offers its employees,” Don said. “I love the empowerment we get from management. I have the ability to be authentic with clients and use the methodologies I liked from my graduate work and put them to work for clients.”