Living with an Invisible Disability

After an accident, a head injury is easy to spot due to visible wounds. A shaved head with a row of stitches are the very noticeable signs of a head injury. But after the wounds heal and hair covers the scars, sometimes there are no visible signs of a brain injury. This is why a […]

The Role of Trauma in Addiction

Meet Emily, a 30-year old woman struggling with addiction. As a young girl, Emily often witnessed her parents arguing. The arguments involved a lot of shouting and pushing. If her parents had been drinking, then the arguments were especially violent: Emily witnessed her father beat her mother on multiple occasions. Emily was afraid of her […]

5 Things Every Stroke Hero Should Know

In the United States, someone has a stroke every 40 seconds. We won’t stand idly by as this menacing disease claims the lives of our loved ones and independence. Join the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association and Stroke Heroes around the nation in the effort to put an end to stroke. May is Stroke Awareness […]

May is Stroke Awareness Month

A stroke, sometimes called a brain attack, is a type of brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen to a part of the brain resulting in tissue death. Strokes can be caused by a ruptured blood vessel (hemorrhagic) or by a clot that blocks blood flow (ischemic). According to the American Stroke Association, in […]

Importance of Recreation in Recovery

Boredom. It is one of the biggest challenges people face in early recovery. If someone leaves the structure of treatment and returns home to spend all day alone and watching TV, they may be tempted to contact old drinking or using buddies to find some fun and get rid of the boredom. For this reason, it is […]

We’re Hiring

Vinland Center is growing and we have an immediate opening for a part-time Licensed Nurse Practitioner OR Physician’s Assistant. The open position is at our facility in Loretto, located 20 miles west of Minneapolis in western Hennepin County. Vinland is a 61-bed residential chemical dependency treatment center for adults with a dual diagnosis of MI/CD […]

A Big Walkabout Announcement

After seven years of the Winter Walkabout, we have decided to move the event from winter to fall. We will miss the snowshoeing part of our annual event, but we already have some fun new activities planned for the fall event! Here are a few reasons why we are moving the event from winter to fall: This […]

Your Brain in Love

Valentine’s Day is considered the day to celebrate love. But what is love and how does love change when you have traumatic brain injury or TBI? According to, there are many different ways the brain can change after a TBI. One of the areas includes behavior and, in turn, how we deal with relationships. […]

Vinland Employees Take on New Roles

Vinland National Center continues to work hard on behalf of its clients and helping new clients who walk through the doors each day. Every staff member at Vinland has a special and important role in helping Vinland fulfill its mission everyday. Here are a few employees who have taken on new roles in the Vinland […]

Donate Your Winter Clothes

Do you have gently worn winter clothing that you no longer use? Donate those items to Vinland! We are looking for coats, sweater, hats, gloves, and scarves for our clients. For more information and to donate, click here.