Who We Serve

Vinland serves men and women ages 18 and older who are living with disabilities.

Types of Disabilities Among Clients in 2013

Includes Duplicates

Disability Chart
1 / Brain Injury


2 / Mental Illness


3 / Learning Disabilities


4 / Visual


5 / Developmental


6 / Physical


7 / Hearing


8 / Illiteracy


9 / Speech


More About Brain Injury

There are many causes of brain injury, and each brain injury is unique. Our staff members are trained to work with people living with disabilities caused by brain injuries. When selecting a treatment program, it is important to find a program that understands the common symptoms of brain injury and is adapted to meet your needs.

More About Mental Illness

Simultaneous mental illnesses are common among people struggling with addiction. Vinland has a psychologist and psychiatrist on-site at our main campus to provide mental health assessments. We also offer mental health education.

More About Learning Disabilities

Our staff members strive to make all possible accommodations for cognitive deficits and adaptations for individual learning styles. Groups are conducted at a slower pace with lots of repetition.

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