Supportive Housing

Through a partnership with LivingWorks Ventures, Vinland offers permanent sober housing for men and women with disabilities in recovery from substance abuse. Lodge living is ideal for people who need minimal amounts of support to remain independent.

Crystal Lodge I

What to Expect

Lodge living is designed for people on a fixed income who can benefit from the extended support network the lodges provide. Under minimal staff supervision, residents are responsible for creating a safe, stable and healthy living environment.

Residents share in running the household, including chores like purchasing groceries and preparing meals. Residents make their own house rules and manage their own activities and finances.

On-site staff serve as advisors to the lodge and its members and are always available in emergencies. Because the lodges are designed for people who need minimal amounts of support to remain independent, on-site staff is limited.

Crystal Lodge II

A Place to Call Home

LivingWorks’ lodges are up-to-date and well-maintained homes in established residential communities. Each lodge is conveniently located near shopping and public transportation.

Lodges are unique among similar supportive housing options because each resident has a private bedroom. The lodges feature shared common areas to ensure a community atmosphere, providing residents with the opportunity to establish friendships and reinforce the network of support that is so important for lodge residents.

Call Today

We are happy to answer any questions you have about the lodges. Call 763.479.3555 for a confidential discussion or click here for admissions information.

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