Complementary Care Services

Vinland is dedicated to treating the whole person. We understand that there are many barriers to achieving independence, which is why we provide a variety of complementary care services to help our clients reach their goals.

All of these services are offered in conjunction with our three programs.

Therapeutic Exercise

The therapeutic exercise program is a safe, slow and gentle supervised physical reconditioning program located at Vinland's main campus. All clients receive a pre-assessment to determine their current functional capacity upon admission to our program. After the assessment, an exercise physiologist designs a personalized program to improve their strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, posture, and body mechanics. Many of our clients have issues related to chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries, and/or traumatic brain injury, which makes personalized programs a necessity. Clients also learn about proper nutrition and safe body mechanics as part of the therapeutic exercise program.

All clients are individually supervised and monitored for productivity and safety. The majority of therapy is conducted in a group setting, but some clients receive one-on-one supervision when appropriate.

Our therapeutic exercise staff work closely with each participant to encourage a life-long interest in physical fitness.

Fitness Center

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Recreation Activities

At Vinland, we strongly believe that an active role in sober recreation activities leads to a fuller and more rewarding life. While receiving services at Vinland's main campus, clients have the option to participate in planned recreation activities intended to foster life-long participation in sober activities. Outdoor activities vary depending on the season and may include fishing, canoeing, snowshoeing, and biking.

Under staff supervision, participants can use the on-site Recreation Center. The Recreation Center features a Wii video game system, ping pong table, basketball arcade game, and more.


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Family Program

Vinland offers a weekend educational series as a resource for people who care about someone with a substance abuse issue. The program is not considered a replacement for family counseling, but rather it is a source of information about substance abuse, cognitive disabilities, and family relationships.

We also offer monthly recreation events for chemical health clients and their support networks. The events feature supervised recreation activities that are intended to foster a renewed spirit of trust between family members.

Research has shown that recovery is stronger and more effective when family members are educated and involved in the treatment process.

The Family Program is offered at no-cost to Vinland's Chemical Health clients and their families. Please call 763.479.3555 for more information.

Family Renewal Program

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Mindfulness-Based Meditation

Developed in partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing, Vinland offers a mindfulness program adapted to the needs of our clients. This practice offers a way for people with chemical use disorders to improve their ability to recognize stress reactions in the body and cope with their feelings in a new way.

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Basic Computer Skills

Covering skills such as typing and browsing the Web.

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