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Building Expansion

Construction on Vinland’s $4 million building expansion was completed in March 2013. The expansion provides Vinland with the space needed to grow programming and serve more people with disabilities.

Construction on the expansion began in summer 2012 and added 20 chemical health beds to Vinland’s existing 41-bed residential facility. Vinland also added a new kitchen and dining facility, a new commons area, additional meeting space, and an expanded therapeutic exercise center. The expansion increases Vinland’s main campus square footage by 75 percent.

Growing Demand

Since the program began more than 20 years ago, demand for Vinland's chemical health program has grown each year. We must expand our facility to keep pace with the growing need for our services.

With the addition of more physical space to our main campus, Vinland will be able to:

  • Provide more conventional treatment and complementary care services to our clients.
  • Let our community partners (such as social service agencies, courts, healthcare providers, and county administrators) know they can rely on us to have beds available when needed.
  • Expand our capacity to serve more women and change the ratio of male/female beds as necessary to meet our needs.
  • Offer more mental health services to our clients.

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